21 February 2020 | By Jeffrey Pomerantz | Filed in: library science.

Everything we need to know about metadata, the usually invisible infrastructure for information with which we interact every day When metadata became breaking news, appearing in stories about surveillance by the National Security Agency, many members of the public encountered this once obscure

Thirty Million Words: Building a Child's Brain

21 February 2020 | By Dana Suskind | Filed in: library science.

The founder and director of the Thirty Million Words Initiative, Professor Dana Suskind, explains why the most important and astoundingly simple thing you can do for your child s future success in life is to talk to him or her, reveals the recent science behind this truth, and outlines precisely how

The Meaning of the Library: A Cultural History

21 February 2020 | By Alice Crawford | Filed in: library science.

The importance of the library, from ancient times to the digital era From Greek and Roman times to the digital era, the library has remained central to knowledge, scholarship, and the imagination The Meaning of the Library is a generously illustrated examination of this key institution of Western

The Idealist: Aaron Swartz and the Rise of Free Culture on the Internet

21 February 2020 | By Justin Peters | Filed in: library science.

A smart, lively history of the Internet free culture movement and its larger effects on society and the life and shocking suicide of Aaron Swartz, a founding developer of Reddit and Creative Commons from Slate correspondent Justin Peters.Aaron Swartz was a zealous young advocate for the free

Finding Reliable Information Online: Adventures of an Information Sleuth

21 February 2020 | By Leslie F. Stebbins | Filed in: library science.

We live in an information saturated environment and spend far too much time searching, surfing, skimming, contributing, and organizing the information in our lives We spend too little time immersing ourselves in reliable high quality information We are often so buried in information and strapped

Cruising the Library: Perversities in the Organization of Knowledge

21 February 2020 | By Melissa Adler | Filed in: library science.

Cruising the Library offers a highly innovative analysis of the history of sexuality and categories of sexual perversion through a critical examination of the Library of Congress and its cataloging practices Taking the publication of Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick s Epistemologies of the Closet as

Our Enduring Values Revisited: Librarianship in an Ever-Changing World

21 February 2020 | By Michael E. Gorman | Filed in: library science.

In the almost 15 years since Our Enduring Values was published, there has been a sea change in the way much of the world thinks about and uses libraries Young librarians and seasoned LIS professionals alike are experiencing increasing pressure to adjust to new economic, societal, and technological