Daring Her SEAL

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Subject Navy SEAL Levi Brandon n nMission Sort out his accidental marriage without sleeping with his wife n nDevil may care Navy SEAL Levi Brandon faces a terrifying task telling Ashley Dixon that their faux wedding during their last mission together was actually real It s bad enough that she com

Her Holiday Fling

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n What happens in Hawaii nDivorce lawyer Hayley Hanna has one week to convince her bosses she s not a ruthless, man hating shark And it s not going to be easy In a moment of insanity, Hayley agrees to bring her fianc to the corporate retreat in Maui But there s one problem she hasn t got a

Rolling Like Thunder (Thunder Mountain Brotherhood, #3)

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The last cowboy n nAll work and no play makes Finn a dull cowboy Since his divorce, Finn O Roarke has put all of his time into his Seattle based microbrewery, unaware that back in Wyoming, his foster parents are on the verge of ruin Now Finn and his foster brothers are trying to save Thunder Moun

Come On Over (Made in Montana #11)

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Staking her claim n nHorse trainer Trent Kimball is starting to believe his family s ranch is actually cursed Still, it s a place to recover from both his recent divorce and a humiliating professional setback That is, until Shelby Foster shows up, looking far too fine for cowboy country, and infor

The Mighty Quinns: Mac

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No strings No tomorrow Just here and now n nLuke Mac MacKenzie has no past Orphaned at twelve, he doesn t remember his real name or why his parents were on the run The name Aileen Quinn means nothing to him Now Mac wanders through the country as a pilot, never settling down until he finds

Her Sexy Vegas Cowboy

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Sin in a Stetson For most women, going to a friend s bachelorette party in Vegas is the ultimate gals weekend Jessica Gainey is not most women She s an introverted worrywart, and the Sunset Strip is not her idea of a good time But it s rodeo weekend, and the town is crawling with seriously hot

Teasing Her SEAL

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Subject Navy SEAL Gray Jackson n nObjective Stay on mission And out of her bed n nSurgeon Laney Parker is on her honeymoon Alone Without her cheating fianc , she s enjoying her nonrefundable vacation at Fantasy Island, an exotic resort filled with lush greenery, white beaches and staff who app

A Dangerously Sexy Christmas (The Dangerous Bachelors Club #1)

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Assignment A Hot Holiday Affair n nAspiring jewelry designer Rose Lawson doesn t want a bodyguard Especially the hot, muscle y one her father hires after a break in at the jewelry shop where she works It s only when her home is also ransacked that Rose realizes the sexy but infuriating bodyguar

Cowboy Strong (Wild Western Heat, #3)

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Going Down Fighting Ty Covington likes to keep things as uncomplicated as possible By day, all that matters to him is his horse and winning in the rodeo ring At night, all he wants is a deliciously hot, no strings affair with his rival, Kenzie Malone Then everything changes in one heart stopping

Cowboy Proud (Wild Western Heat, #2)

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This cowboy is rugged, proud and incredibly sexy Cade Covington is struggling with turning his family s beloved ranch into a tourist attraction It s not just the mortgage big enough to choke a horse, or the invasion of his home by strangers It s also the arrival of a city slicker PR professional w

Compromising Positions

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A very intimate battleground Amelia Sheffield arrives in the sleepy town of Millhaven, New York, to collect what was promised her for a museum exhibit an antique bed that George Washington once slept in The problem is one incredibly infuriating and incredibly sexy innkeeper who insists the bed bel

The Perfect Indulgence

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The perfect pick me up n nAfter swapping lives and coffee shops with her twin sister, Chris Meyer is certain her New Yorker uptightness has melted in the hot California sunshine But finding inner peace is tough with four guys vying for her attention Including the one who turns her mellow zen into

Her Sexy Marine Valentine

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A Sexy Marine Neighbor Oorah The sight of the gorgeous, ripped military man across the street heats Mari McGuire from head to toe and a whole lot in between Yes, sir, she definitely has a case of Hot Marine Syndrome And when First Lieutenant Brody Williams rescues her from an awkward run in with

Under Pressure

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Operation Distraction n n by any means necessary n nHow do you get a hot but aggravating ex SEAL to relax Kennedy Duchane arranged for a documentary about Trident diving team s first big find, the Chimera But it turns out movie star handsome former SEAL Asher Reynolds can woo just about everything

Slow Hands

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This is Maddy Turner s lucky day The civilized society girl just bid on sexy rogue Jake Wallace at a charity bachelor auction and won But Maddy knows Jake s dirty little secret And it should keep her from trying out her new boy toy Too bad she can t stop herself from indulging in raw, quite unci

Body Check

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Hard body Check Awesome night in the sack potential Check Hayden Houston is breaking out of her good girl mode It s time for a one night stand and she s found just the man for the job She spent her childhood being dragged from rink to rink by her hockey coach father Now Hayden craves stabilit

Dead Sexy (Skull Creek #1)

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She was looking for long term She wasn t expecting eternity Just when Nikki Braxton has given up on finding a normal guy, she meets cowboy Jake McCann.Tall, dark and delicious, he could be the ideal man if he wasn t a vampire Well, at least that explains hisuhhunger for her Meanwhile, that