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  • Kindle Edition
  • Claimed by the Horde King
  • Zoey Draven
  • English
  • 12 May 2017

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    It was impossible for me to not compare this one with the previous book in the series, as I absolutely loved that one Glad to say I loved Claimed by the horde king even First of all characterization is bomb Loved the heroine who is different and doesn t hold a grudge I loved her grit, determination and strong spirit Hero was so good He made mistakes but owned up to it and wasn t afraid of groveling An alpha and a damn good Vorakkar He knew what a special woman heroine was and worked for her forgiveness I loved that the story was all about them and their budding relationship I could feel the hero s dilemma and heroine s heartbreak Those scenes were written very well Secondary characters were also done well The story setting was another fav of mine So eager to read the next book in the series and I hope it s about the Mad Vorakkar Totally safe and absolutely recommended.P.s After reading first book I subscribed to the author s mailing list and asked for the ARC of her next book from this series Like I said I absolutely love this series.

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    4.5 Stars You call me a demon, he said quietly, because you believe I am stealing your soul away But I already told you, Nelle, that if I am a demon, then so are you Because you are stealing of mine right at this moment I didn t liked the first book in this series very much because of the heroine and I was a bit skeptical this one is going to be the same, that maybe this author has a pattern regarding the females h in her stories , but I was wrong and I am glad I gave this a try.The action takes place on the same planet of Dakkar , the difference is , we get to see the life in another horde, Rath Tuviri, that is lead by Seerin Nelle is an orphan young human woman that is caught breaking the laws of Dakkar , hunting Seerin has to punish her for this incident , but something that he sees in her eyes makes him want her for himself, so he takes her to his hoard.I liked how their relationship developed It wasn t instant but actually a very slow burn, filled with flirts , banter,funny games , communication and friendship between them.Seerin is a unique alien, with blond hair and grey eyes, handsome and strong I loved his patience , gentleness and sweet words for his thissie.Nelle , opposite from the h in the first book, is very resourceful, strong , independent, forgiving and very rational in making the right decisions.Although the H makes a lot of mistakes, most of them almost unforgivable, after lots and lots of grovelling , and thank God for the h personality , things get exactly as they should be.The only thing that bothers me is that this is suppose to be alien human trope kind of book, but beside a different culture and language , I don t see any differences in this aliens , not in this book anyway They seem very human like, I even forgot how they look like fangs, claws, tail if I remember correctly from the first book , because no mention is made during the book, not one that I can think of.All together this was very sweet romance and I enjoyed it very much.

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    I m loving this world the author has created Sometimes I forget that this is an alien world I m reading about It s in every page, but the writing just sucks me in with these characters that everything just seems natural I love the whole idea of a warrior alien king falling for a human female Humans are much weaker but these horde kings are learning that the female spirit is as strong as their hordes In fact, the heroines are one of the reasons I m enjoying this series when it s usually the heroes are why I read In Claimed by the Horde King, this one is of a slow burn Their relationship wasn t decided from the start like book one While I enjoyed something different, it was also why I did love the first book The hero is everything you see in al alpha but with a vulnerability that caused hurt to the heroine The good that comes out of that, is seeing the heroine stand up for herself and shows what a strong person she is She handles it perfectly and what I always want to see in these type of situations but rarely get You will also get some good grovel from the hero.I m actually hoping there will be many books in this series I think I will enjoy them all no matter how different each couple will be A certain horde king that was introduced in this book has me super intrigued.

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    I admit it.I squealed when I got notice this book was now available Lol Let us start with Seerin Dominate, loyal, dedicated, true leader, sexy as sin need I say or have you already added this to your TBR With book 2 we get to see the side of a leader who came from absolutely nothing to being a leader of a horde Seerin is finding it difficult to not put his horde and their desires needs first Putting his wants first is unknown to him yet when Nelle comes into his reach..his desires seem to be all that is on his mind.Practically having raised herself in a poverty stricken community, Nelle has done what she must to eat and surviveincluding breaking the law Seerin the Horde King has caught her in the act and must punish her by law Halfway through her punishment he stops her lashing, picks her up, and takes her After weeks of trying to heal from her lashing and the infection that followed Nelle is deeply concerned with the way Seerin looks at her, as if he is taking her soul sigh Storyline was excellent Granted there are some things I could have done without but and isn t there always a but this would not have been nearly as good of a read The ups, downs, conflicts, and heart wrenching moments made this stellar.If you haven t gotten this series you are missing out I highly suggest reading book 1 first.Happy reading DD

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    Claimed by the Horde King Horde Kings of Dakkar Book 2 This is really good story.We met the Hero of this book in the previous book as he travelled via an area the couple from that book were in.The heroine in this book is strong and has to care for herself for some time.The Hero has very different circumstances to the Hero from book 1 who had a heritage of leading a Horde.I don t want to reveal the Hero s history or even his name, which is sacred to his people, as it s part of the beauty of the book to learn these things about him.There is a whole culture, language and politics that the author builds up which is interesting and is definitely something I hope she writes about.For the safety gang.There is small other woman drama, due to his position, many women would be interested in pursuing him and this is made clear on a couple of occasions but the Hero has no interest and does not flirt or encourage anything.The heroine also has an opportunity to start something with another male if she wished but she does not encourage and in fact is a bit oblivious.No cheating.There are no intimate scenes other than the Hero and heroine.It s a bit slow burn The Hero s race are a bit of a mystery to the humans so it takes time to overcome barriers.Some pushing away from the Hero.Also grovelling when he messes up.The heroine does not just forgive and let him walk all over her.There is some references to the couple from book 1 so it s best to read the series in order but I don t think it would matter if not.There are certain political things going on which would leave the story open to have books in the series either about new couples or continue the ones we have read about.My only two criticisms are that I felt maybe a glossary of the language would be helpful.Some words or phrases are translated immediately but I m not sure if it s just me but esp if you pick the book up read a bit then have to leave it for a while I d forgotten what those phrases or words meant.Some words are not known by the heroine deliberately for some time and I m fine with being in the dark along with her as it s part of the plot but a quick scan at a glossary I think would have helped at other times.Even the titles within the Horde are hard to remember.Secondly, and I maybe really nit picking here, I found the use of he rasped was used pretty constantly.I m not sure if he had a permanent rasp to his voice but I didn t like the constant use of it At the same time it doesn t detract from the story and may be viewed as a pet peeve to repeat a phrase or description frequently Sorry if that s the case.HEA ARC.

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    WOW 5 Stars What a great book to end the year with This was just delightful I loved the MC s dynamic and the chemistry poured off the page They were so sweet together and this will definitely be a re read as this series has been a big success for me so far What I liked the most was how much time they spent together talking and just being together Can t tell you how many books ive read where the main couple is constantly in disarray And I loved the fact that this heroine was never captured or kidnapped THANK GOD If you like grovel, this book is for you because the H does a spectacular grovel And major props to the heroine She is definitely one of my favorite heroines of 2019 Level headed, logical and not a whimpering moron Loved her Safety Heroine is a virgin Hero isnt a manwhore and has been mainly celibate due to his position No cheating No OW OM drama 2 week separation Slight push and pull because the hero is being pressured to marry someone of higher rank or else he will loose his tribe He breaks up with the heroine but realizes he would pick her over his tribe Pregnancy ending Slight Physical abuse Hero orders heroine to be whipped 5 times across the back because she broke the law of the land He stops at three because he recognizes the heroine as his mate and quickly gets her help He apologizes for it a lot.

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    5 Demon King Stars Fantastic I absolutely loved every bit of this story Very character and circumstance driven A bit of a slow burn I adored Nelle I really liked Seerem, but Nelle carried this one to 5 stars for me Even better than the first one Happy reading

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    4.0 RATING Another enjoyable read A series I ll stick with.

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    An orphan and outcast, Nelle survives on the fringes of her village hunting and scavenging to survive but often than not going to bed hungry Despite knowing hunting is forbidden by Dakkar law, punishable by death, Nelle nonetheless ventures into the Dark Forest harvesting a grounder with her bow and arrow Bad luck seems to follow her when her actions are witnessed by the very horde charged with punishing lawbreakers Dakkar law has been broken The Vekkiri lawbreaker identified All that s left is to administer justice death Mercy. This is the second installment in the Horde Kings Of Dakkar series that I personally don t feel can be read as a standalone References to the previous story and world building elements would make it difficult to cold read this installment A futuristic SciFi Dystopian erotic romance, readers get to continue the series with another couple who have angst issues and hurdles to overcome before achieving their HFN.Nelle Seerin I totally appreciated the premise and buildup of their romance ending of Captive of the Horde King provided a teaser to this story Full of angst, the two had a lot to resolve which is my way of saying any potential reader, on a need to know basis, should realize the adult content scenes don t come into play until the later portion of the story.Secondary characters do add value and depth to the overall story but with no real specific independent purpose A thought is that some of them will return in future installments so their personalities and purpose were kept vague to maximize future potential A problem for me is that scenes, events, and interactions with certain secondary characters came across as disjointed and, in certain circumstances, unnecessary fill to the story One vague non spoiler example being a shoulder injury character Ok All good and appropriate, until, a potential follow up scene opportunity was lost and mostly ignored In my mind and under the circumstances premised, I really expected I can t conclude my review without commenting on a pet peeve of mine Book cover I realize covers aren t cheap for authors But At some point an author has a responsibility to keep it real and pertinent in a realistic depiction of the character or story In this case I reference the author s description of the Vorakkar Horde King His chest was bare, his skin golden from the sun Lines, swirls, and words in a language I could not understand decorated his flesh in deep golden ink, shimmering in the early lights decorated in three gold clasps, similar to the cuffs he wore around his wide wrists. This cover model does not resemble or reflect Serrin I was totally looking forward to this installment as I enjoyed the first and wanted While this book is solid and predictable, the content is cotton candy than meat and potatoes Disjointed scenes, questionable scenes that didn t add value to the overall story, and lack of follow through and attention to details were frustrating I m not sure I ll continue the series unless except to grab Vorakkar of Rath Drokka s story.

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    3 Firm StarsThis is a slow burn romance, and I have to say I did enjoy seeing the relationship develop between Dakkari Horde King aka Demon King aka Seerin and human Nelle Both know what it is like to feel like outcasts, both have felt the sharp fingers of hunger clawing at their stomachs, and both in each other find the unexpected.As a Dakkari Horde King, Seerin, knowns his first obligation is to the horde, but when he comes across Nelle, who is breaking the laws of his people, he finds his focus and tightly reigned emotions unfurling the question is will he go against the voices of his council, best friend brother of his heart , his mother and wider expectations, and take a human as his mate wife, or will he push Nelle away, breaking her trust and heart I did wish view spoiler that the latter half of the book where Seerin was doing all he could to regain Nelle s trust was teased out a bit , his pain and remorse were clear, but I still felt the forgiveness part of the story was a tad too quick hide spoiler

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Claimed by the Horde KingShe Broke Their Laws Now, He Has Come To Punish HerIn My Human Settlement On The Hostile Plains Of Dakkar, I Am An Outcast, A Strange Girl Orphaned Since Birth, Alone, And Dreaming Of A Life I Don T Have I Hunt To Survive, Though It Is Forbidden, Though It Breaks The Strict Dakkari Laws That We All Must FollowWhen My Desperate Actions Catch The Attention Of A Dakkari Horde King A Cold, Powerful, And Merciless Warrior Leader, With Eyes Like Flint And A Body Like Steel He Seeks To Punish Me And He SucceedsBut Then He Does The UnexpectedInstead Of Taking My Life, He Claims Me As His OwnHe Steals Me From My Village And Brings Me Back To His Battle Bred Horde There, I Warm His Bed I Make Bargains With Him On Starry, Cold Nights I Look Into His Grey Eyes And See Not A Monster, But A Demon King Who Captures My SoulBut Demons Have A Way Of Never Letting Go And As The Cold Season Descends Upon Dakkar, I Begin To Wonder If I Even Want Him To, Even When It Hurts Claimed By The Horde King Is A Full Length SFR Novel , Words With An HEA It Is The Second Book Of The Horde Kings Of Dakkar Series

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