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Woke Church Between The Christianity Of This Land, And The Christianity Of Christ, I Recognize The Widest Possible Difference Frederick Douglass, 1845The Prophets Of Old Were Not Easy To Listen To Because They Did Not Flatter They Did Not Cajole They Spoke Hard Words That Often Chafed And Unsettled Their Listeners Like The Old Testament Prophets, And Recent Prophetic Voices Like Frederick Douglass, Dr Eric Mason Calls The Evangelical Church To A Much Needed Reckoning In A Time When Many Feel Confused, Complacent, Or Even Angry, He Challenges The Church To Be Aware To Understand That The Issue Of Justice Is Not A Black Issue, It S A Kingdom Issue To Learn How The History Of Racism In America And In The Church Has Tainted Our Witness To A Watching World.Be Redemptive To Grieve And Lament What We Have Lost And To Regain Our Prophetic Voice, Calling The Church To Remember Our Gospel Imperative To Promote Justice And Mercy.Be Active To Move Beyond Polite, Safe Conversations About Reconciliation And Begin To Set Things Aright For Our Soon Coming King, Who Will Be Looking For A WOKE CHURCH.

  • Hardcover
  • 192 pages
  • Woke Church
  • Eric Mason
  • 14 August 2018
  • 9780802416988

About the Author: Eric Mason

DR ERIC MASON is the founder and pastor of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia, PA He and his wife, Yvette, have four children After than two decades of gospel ministry, Dr Mason has become known for his passion to see the glory of Jesus Christ robustly and relevantly engaged in broken cities with the comprehensive gospel He helps coach and train families to plant churches locally, natio

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    If you pick up this book expecting to find a landmark contribution to the social justice debate, you will be disappointed In it, Dr Mason is presenting his vision for a socially engaged church, not directly engaging with the debate that has surfaced over the last several years He s not staying out of it the title gives it away, Dr Mason is on the social justice side of things but he is presenting a moderated position in favor of SJ His desire is to redeem the term woke , to promote frameworks and terms that progressive Christians are known for, but he is committed to historic Christian orthodoxy and to staying within the evangelical camp.Speaking of terms, one of the weaknesses of this book is that it leaves too many of them undefined The term woke is defined, sure, but the definition of a multitude of other frequent terms is assumed Words like race and racism , culture , people of color , are left without a definition, thereby placing terms like cultural needs , racial trauma , majority minority culture in a very abstract realm, while assuming a framework where they have particular meanings This is one of the reasons this book will probably not convince a careful reader that is aware of other views the meaning of terms like culture and race are part of the i...

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    Eric Mason has no plan Just a lot of bluster.Some of the bluster I agree with some I don t But let s get specific, man What exactly is wrong and what would you like to do about it Also, the writing is abysmal Like a freshman s first college paper.

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    Thanks to Netgalley and Moody Publishers for this ARC.This was a difficult read for me because it forced me to admit and assess my own prejudices There is a lot of history here, which was both fascinating and appalling The arguments for a Woke Church are crystal clear and will resonate in my heart forever, I hope Honestly, I highlighted 1 3 of the book The book is filled with clarion calls for justice and action I was moved profoundly by the comparison of the Church s reaction to the issues of abortion and hum...

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    Convicting on many fronts and insanely readable For those wary of the word woke, please read the book I ve appreciated listening to Dr Mason s preaching over the past year, and I m glad to read this book and recommend it My ...

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    The word woke is slang for being aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues especially issues of racial and social justice Dr Eric Mason appropriates this term to describe a church that has been awakened to the reality of implicit and explicit racism and injustice in American society Such a church is characterized by four attributes Awareness of the overarching truths that unite the Body of Christ, including the relationship of justice to the gospel chapter 2 and the Church as the holy family of God chapter 3 Acknowledgement of the history of racism among American Christians chapter 4 , which provides a list of beliefs and practices to lament chapter 5 Accountability for churches to reclaim our roles as light and salt in the world by means of prophetic preaching chapter 6 and advocacy for justice, which is understood to encompass how both individuals and systems act and react chapter 7 and Action, which suggests ten action steps churches can take to bring healing and justice into o...

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    If you already know what you think about the SJW movement and their relationship to the reformed tradition, this book will not change your mind This will be red meat for the already woke and cringy to MacArthurites There were parts that I thought were excellent critiques of the way evangelicalism has had a truncated ...

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    Dr Mason s book is both eye opening and convicting Every white christian in America needs to read this book If I was pastoring a church in America, I would make this required reading for every staff member Dr Mason handles tough ra...

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    Short thoughts I am mixed on the title There is nothing wrong with it, but those that are in most need of the book are probably those that would be most turned off by the title Woke has a connotation among people that are skeptical of the need for racial justice and I think I would have titled it differently But the book is worth reading The early sections of history and biographical sketches about how the church has been on the wrong side of injustice, specially racial justice are well done But I think the strongest sections of the book are about the prophetic role of the church and discussion of the prophetic in the Old Testament The final section is about how to be active in the fight against injustice This is a descriptive look at Mason s ch...

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    It shook me, then it woke me.There were moments I loved it, hated it, was in deep thought, and literally yelled at how stupid it is, but then I came back around This is chalk full of understanding needed to bridge a gap that many like myself would say doesn t exist I was wrong I already hated racism and now I hate injustice, too.I can t say I agree with every word but I do believe I will agree with it and as time goes on As a followe...

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    DISCLAIMER I RECEIVED THIS BOOK FOR FREE FROM MOODY PUBLISHERS TO REVIEW Eric Mason s Woke Church aims to shine a spotlight on one of the aspects of the gospel that has been neglected and dismissed as inappropriate for discourse p 43 that aspect he refers to is justice This book represents the seventh book that I have reviewed for Moody Publishers It is by far the worst book I have reviewed for Moody This review explains why I would not recommend it.This book has two forewords written by John M Perkins and Ligon Duncan and four parts With the exception of part one, each part has two chapters PART ONE BE AWARE CHAPTERS 1 3 Part One begins with a chapter that basically gives an overview on the book In chapter two, Mason claims direct revelation from God p 42 , adds to Scripture p 49 and uses language that seemingly is in alignment with the unbiblical movement known as the Seven Mountain Mandate p 58 Claiming direct revelation from God represents a subtle denial of the sufficiency of Scripture Further, adding to God s Word makes one a liar Proverbs 30 6 Finally, the Seven Mountain Mandate is basically an unbiblical replacement for the Great Commission It has its roots in another unbiblical movement known as the New Apostolic Reformation He continues the N.A.R talk in chapter three.PART TWO BE WILLING TO ACKNOWLEDGE CHAPTERS 4 5 Part Two both asks if the church is asleep and discusses the things for the church to lament pp 75 114 Chapter four is basically a ...

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